Love on the Trolley

Approximately 30,000 people per month ride the Sun Trolley for many reasons, including getting to and from the beach, Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, connecting to Tri-Rail and traveling to and from work and school. But for one local couple, the Sun Trolley was the perfect place to find love.

Kaushal Karia was riding the Las Olas Link from the beach on February 15, 2015, when he noticed a gorgeous woman sitting in the back of the trolley.

“Even though it was one day after the most romantic holiday of the year, I saw her and I did what I normally do when I see a gorgeous woman, I ignored her,” said Karia laughing.

He eventually mustered up the courage to say hello to her, and he offered to take her out to lunch, but she said it wouldn’t be that easy.

“Well, everyone has to eat lunch,” he said.

“I don’t eat what you eat,” Maria said. “I’m on a raw food diet.”

This might have deterred the average man, but for Kaushal, it was perfect, since he’s a vegetarian.

They didn’t get together again for another month, due to his hectic work schedule. When they finally did, they didn’t go to a restaurant; they instead walked Kaushal’s dog together. After their unconventional date, “I just realized that he is not like anyone else,” Maria said. “I really got a nice vibe from him.”

“We agreed on how the universe works,” Kaushal said.

The two are now married and focus on their careers: Kaushal is a Class A sommelier and the owner of Primo Liquors and Fine Wine in Fort Lauderdale, and Maria, originally from Russia, is a health coach. On May 10, 2017, Maria gave birth to their baby boy, Aidan.

For Kaushal and Maria, riding the Sun Trolley was a life-changing experience. Three years after their first meeting, the Karias still ride the Sun Trolley frequently. “You can go to all the places you want to go,” he said. “We love the convenience of it. If residents aren’t riding it, they’re missing out.”